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Gordon Ramsay’s Sublime Scrambled Eggs | Gordon Ramsay's Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay’s Sublime Scrambled Eggs


Gordon Ramsay’s Sublime Scrambled Eggs

This recipe comes from Gordon’s cookbook, Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy, you can pick it up on Amazon.com for about $15. It’s a great cookbook with tons of tasty recipes just like this one.

These eggs are to die for! You should be warned that after eating these eggs, you’ll never want those overcooked tasteless eggs most people prepare ever again! If you have a hard time finding the Creme Fraiche, you can substitute it with sour cream. Bon Appetite!

If you would prefer to watch Gordon prepare this recipe, you can watch the video below.

Gordon Ramsay’s Sublime Scrambled Eggs

6 large free-range eggs
3Tbs ice-cold butter diced
1-2  tbsp crème fraîche
Freshly ground sea salt and pepper (you can use regular salt if you need to)
Few chives, snipped (substitute with green onion if necessary)
2-3 chunky slices of rustic bread, such aspain Polaîne, to serve (Fresh French Bread works too)

1 Break the eggs into a cold, heavy-based pan, add half the butter, and place onto the stove over generous heat. Using a spatula, stir the eggs frequently to combine the yolks with the whites.

2 As the mixture begins to set, add the remaining butter. The eggs will take about 4-5 minutes to scramble – they should still be soft and quite lumpy. Don’t let them get too hot – keep moving the pan off and back on the heat.

3 Meanwhile, toast the bread.

4 Add the crème fraîche and season the eggs at the last minute, then add the snipped chives. Put the toast on warm plates, pile the softly scrambled eggs on top and serve immediately.


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  1. David Turk

    We I made the Gordon Ramsay’s Sublime Scrambled Eggs for my wife, She loved them. And so did I. I have been watching the three shows I can find of yours, ( two on BBC ) Love the shows and I am learning alott. Thank You
    David Turk

  2. Kenneth

    Tried it–can’t do them any other way now… Became a hero in the kitchen!!!

  3. sue howell

    my friend made your scambled egg and i enjoyed it very much

  4. B & D

    These are so amazing you’ll not do eggs the old way again.
    It looks too runny, but it’s not, it’s perfect and the big slice of big rustic bread (buy fresh) really just WORKS.

  5. Farah

    Chef Gordon Ramsay,
    Its great to learn new recipes from you as your continental dishes are liked by all.I like to cook scrambled eggs and definatley now I am an expert cook myself by practicing cooking.I am so overjoyed to have the recipe of scrambled eggs it is going to be useful to me.

  6. Monica

    I think you are amazing. I love your cooking styles and methods. My passion is cooking. I’m 21 years old and hoping to pursue my passion real soon. I made your style scrambled eggs today and my boyfriend thought they were amazing, nothing like he has ever tasted before. So that made me think, hmm I must of done something right. I have no idea if they were anywhere near yours but I think it was a good first attempt :) We didn’t have much sour cream left so I substituted cottage cheese with it also. Turned out that cottage cheese added really good flavor. Obviously not so fancy but in the end result I’m proud of myself. I’ve got a lot to learn but I hope to some day fulfill my dreams.

  7. Robert Heath

    Utterly fantastic! Made them in minutes, family was astounded!
    Thank you much, Chef Ramsey…

    Cheers mate!


  8. Wendie Cram

    There may be obviously a lot to learn about this. I believe you made some good points in Options also. This text offers the sunshine during which we are able to observe the reality. this is very nice one and provides in depth information. thanks for this nice article.

  9. tammy smallwood

    chef gordon, i’m so greatful for this recipe. This is the best eggs I have ever had. i love your shows and thanks to you I have a great burger recipe too….. your the best chef ever!

  10. Tracey

    Big fan of gordon here. I’m going to make these now….what I do find funny though is that if someone on Hell’s Kitchen had burnt toast he would have ripped them a new one and called them every name in the book.

  11. Hayley

    My dad made me this and they are delicious. I get him to make me them every time I visit him

  12. fail

    “lowest possible heat”

    In the video he says “generous heat”

  13. A&J

    Unbelivable! Fresh, livily, exiting, it is amazing, what you can do with simple ingridients!!;)

  14. Pete C

    Just made this for my wife this morning…..a day after making Gordon’s Easy Beef Stew! She might never want to cook again!! Fantastic taste….he makes it all so KISS simple!!

  15. G'n'R Lies

    Why does the reciepe say “lowest possible heat”, while in the video gordon say “generous heat”?

    Now what is it, lowest possible or generous heat?

  16. Foodie

    I guess I got it wrong. I cooked them over super low heat the first few times, but was annoyed by the slow cook time. I’ve gradually increased the heat myself when cooking these eggs. Just be careful not to overcook them.

    Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I have changed the recipe to correct my error. I get most of these recipes by watching the videos and estimating everything, so I mess up sometimes.

  17. Jim Horn

    Dammit, Ramsay – what other secrets are you holding back from us? Deeeelicious!

  18. shannon

    Made these for my wife and 2 yr old son….. Cant wait to impress my father when i go home and show him up on the now crappy eggs that he and i use to cook

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