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Cooking Like a Pro | Gordon Ramsay's Recipes

Gordon Ramsay's Recipes

Cooking Like a Pro

Today my fiance told me that she will never be a great chef since she can’t keep track of so many things at once. In essence, cooking scares her. As a matter of fact, she just had a nightmare last night that she was cooking, lost control of all the things happening and not only ruined dinner, but set the house on fire!

Like so many things in life, cooking requires not only skill but bravery and daring. One must not rely on strict measurements and instructions, but be willing to make the dish theirs. We see this very often in F Word recipes. There is no exact measurement. Pork IN! Salt, pepper, herbs! Pork off! Plate done!

So, does Gordon give his instructions out of laziness or out of understanding? I would say that all of his instructions are perfectly clear! Do not make Gordon’s Beef Wellington, make your own. Any great artist is more than happy to give you advice on how to be great. Only a hack will actually give you a paint by numbers canvas. Painting by numbers limits you to the extent of each numbers outline.

Each and every dish we make starts with a blank canvas. Should you limit yourself to the recipes you read here? Can you break free of recipes you find elsewhere? Dare to estimate the measurements to your taste. Do not use measuring spoons or cups (unless you’re baking cookies). Break free of all the fear you hold in your heart and have a glass of wine while doing so! I hope you find this advice not only improves your cooking and kitchen experiences, but your life as well.

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  1. Nicole Phillips

    I totally love your advise.
    I love cooking and i think the only time ever really followed a recipe to the T… was the first dish i ever cooked – chicken and cashew nut curry.

    i love reading a receipe… looking at the ingredients and then doing my own thing… & yes… i season to taste… and yes… i do have a glass of wine while doing it…

    im not claiming to be a pro… just stating that i totally love cooking…

  2. lindadennis28

    Foodie, that’s dead on. Great chefs think alike.

  3. Usha Pavaday

    I have watched some of Chef Gordon Ramsay TV shows (cuisine nightmare)last night and i should tell it has really inspired me lot. I love cooking, but i always get remarks and that is very disappointing for me. But while watching the TV shows, i can tell you that it has changed my life from now on. I’ll try to go through the Chef Ramsay’s advice, the skills and the passion of cooking. I will try the easiest recipes first, then i will sure leave a comment to say how was it. I am really thankful to all those people who is doing the great job to propagate the skill of cooking throughout the whole world, thanks again. It has really changed my like in all the aspects of everyday life.

    Many thanks


  4. joan

    i totally agree with you , i read recipes and ect to get ideas , i love cooking and have gotten very in learning on my own, i also love to bake as well . but i know i don’t need a recipe all of the time, in fact i watched my b/f make pervan ceveche on time and since we can’t afford the expensive and great quality fish you need to make the cold raw cevche cooked only in the acids of the citrus , i decided to actually cook it , which at first my b/f was scared to try but now he loves it . lol i just wish i could afford to put myself through culinary arts school, but i quess my passion and love for cooking and baking is mean’t to be an at home thing and not a career.

  5. kim Yaney

    I agree. I never measure unless I am baking cakes or cookies. I love taking a piece of meat, and deciding on what my tastes are that night; that’s what I put together. I odviously LOVE garlic. I have a container of fresh garlic at all times in the fridge. Love Chef Ramsay!!!!

  6. khurram mukhtar

    Well definitely my self believe has been improved. WE should feel free of fear while cooking.

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