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Cooking Snails from the Garden | Gordon Ramsay's Recipes

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Cooking Snails from the Garden


Eating Snails from the Garden – Part 2

Not to long ago I posted an article on eating snails from the garden, this is the second half of that article where you get delicious instructions on cooking them!

This recipe is based off of Gordon Ramsay’s Escargot salad recipe from the F Word. As lunatic as this seems, I’m excited about it and experimenting myself.

I’ve added a video at the end of this article of the whole snail catching, snail cooking process. You can find the cooking instructions about half way into the video.


  • Smoked Pancetta (1-2 strips)
  • Fresh Sage (nice handful)
  • Fresh Parsley (small handful)
  • Fresh Lemon Juice (as in squeezed out of a lemon)
  • Olive Oil (1-2 tbsp)
  • Snails
  • a nice spring mix salad (lightly dressed)

Cooking this dish is a snap. Boil enough water to cover your snails and dump them in to give them a bath. Let the snails boil for a couple of minutes and then take them off the range and strain them.  Use Escargot tongs or any other small kitchen device (tweezers anyone?) to remove the snails from their shells.

Dice the Pancetta and fry until nice and crispy. Add fresh sage and snails and toss a bit then add some fresh parsley and olive oil, then toss a little more. Success! You have finished cooking your fresh, organic, free range snails!

Add snail mixture to a bed of fresh, lightly dressed salad and enjoy.

I can’t wait to try this recipe! I’ll let you know how it turns out when my snails are ready.




  1. Sarah

    I have never had snails but this sounds like it would be a great way to try them

  2. Lyn Bennetts

    I’ve had the ol Escargot many years ago in a French restaurant..
    always wanted to cook them myself… Thanks, even I understood and will give it a go. (got to stop those pesky Ducks getting them 1st)
    Lyn Bennetts, Australia

  3. Emil Green

    I went snail “hunting” in my parents backyard and found about 40. I have kept them ind 4 big yars on my kitchentable. Been washing them as described, fed them carrots and tommorrow its eating time. Can´t wait. Ever so excited

  4. barry andersen

    I was so inspired by Gordon’s video of selecting and cooking snails that, with the current economy, and having to re-invent ourselves, we started a snail farm..yes, true..quit laughing..and it’s working!!..Thanks Gordon!!

  5. Restaurant Devon

    Nice post, good work. I have recently started my own blog so its good to learn from what you have going here. Many Thanks. Restaurant Devon

  6. Ted Kjellberg

    hey,Terrific blog dude! i am just Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Do you thought putting video to this blog posts to keep the readers more interested?I think it works.Yours, Ted Kjellberg

  7. Ian J

    what episode is this one??????
    im looking for the video because the youtube one has been removed by the user.

  8. Scott

    Snails are great! The BEST recipe is also the easiest. First, cook the snails in red wine. Heat the red wine first and then throw them in for a few minutes – do not let them overcook. At the same time start some salted butter and garlic (I love LOTS of garlic, but it is up to you). Pull the snails out using a spoon that strains the extra wine out and throw the snails into the garlic butter. If the garlic butter is bubbling when the first snails go in, it is recommended to turn off the heat on the butter at this time. Continue to move the snails over into the butter and once they are all in the butter, stir once and serve immediately.

    This is best with a large piece of French bread that can be used to soak up the garlic butter and then eaten with the snails.


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