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Lela’s Famous Burgers | Gordon Ramsay's Recipes

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Lela’s Famous Burgers


This is the recipe Gordon Ramsay used on Kitchen Nightmares when he went to Lela’s and created Lela’s Famous Burger. I’ve prepared this recipe three times and been delighted each time! These hamburgers taste best when prepared on the grill, but can be a little difficult because they tend to crumble. I suggest squeezing as much liquid out of the hamburger patties as possible before putting them on the BBQ. Don’t forget to add some color to the burgers while cooking them.

For best results you should get your hamburger meat from a local butcher and avoid prepackaged patties at all costs! Prepackaged hamburger patties are uneven in flavor and taste. Use a meat which has about 15% fat for a nice balance between flavor, health, and price.

Good luck and let me know how it works out for you!

Lela’s Famous Burgers:

  • 1LB-1.25LBs Ground Beef
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • 1 1/2 Teaspoons Dijon Mustard.
  • Worcestershire Sauce (several splashes)
  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • 3 Tablespoons Ketchup
  • Enough Red Onion to equally distribute in the ground beef. (I’ve had the best results putting the onion in a food processor)

Cooking the Hamburgers:

Medium heat works best for cooking hamburgers as it allows for nice grill marks and color, but provides enough time to cook the inside without drying it out. Prepare your grill (or your pan) by allowing it to reach medium heat. Place your hamburger patties on the grill (or in the pan) and resist the urge to press them with a spatula or move them around too much; either of these practices will dry out the burgers and can also cause Lela’s Famous Hamburgers to crumble.

Flip your patties after 3 minutes of steady cooking and allow them to cook for 3 more minutes. You may need to flip once or twice more depending on the heat of your grill (or stove). USDA says that the inside of your hamburgers should be 160 degrees before eating. Some of you might like your hamburgers medium, or medium rare. Under cook hamburger patties at your own risk.

Now top those bad boys with some of the freshest tomatoes and lettuce you can get your hands on! You can now enjoy the tastiest hamburgers I’ve ever eaten!



  1. Ulises Ramirez-Roche

    I just want to chime in and say this tastes nothing like meatloaf, and if you think it does, google up a meatloaf recipe next time you make one so you know what meatloaf tastes like.

  2. David

    Followed the recipe and the burgers turned out well. Not the greatest ever. Just good burgers. I didn’t form them much so as to avoid them falling apart. They didn’t fall apart but were a bit loose but not a problem at all they stayed together. Not the nirvana I am in search of.

  3. Tonya Garrett

    The best burgers I have ever made my Husband loved these. I am making them again tonight. I have used alot of burger recipes on the net and these are so good the flavor and they are so Juicy. I recommend to everyone.

  4. Kelli

    Never tried this recipe yet but will be making them for Mother’s day this Sunday.

  5. Hamilton Burger

    I really wanted to do this “Ramsey Style” so I first gathered the rest of the household together in the kitchen and swore at them profusely while telling them just how and where they have been screwing up so badly. Then I had them throw away all the food in our refrigerator and clean it and the whole kitchen thoroughly from top to bottom.

    Now, thanks for putting this recipe online! It turns out its basically the same as I already do, except I’ve never added egg (yet) unless I am making meatloaf. Otherwise, very similar. I don’t add Dijon mustard and ketchup, but I add a couple tablespoons of zesty BBQ sauce like Jack Daniel’s Grillin’ sauce to a pound of burger, which ends up being about the same. I also add the salt and pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Instead of onion though, since I’ll be putting sliced onion on the burgers after cooking, I put in 2-3 teaspoons of VERY finely minced green pepper and garlic.

    My suggestion to keep them from falling apart is to make sure the pieces of onion or green pepper and garlic are super tiny. Big pieces of anything in there will make burgers fall apart. I also blend it all together really thoroughly. Then I make a ball out of the meat for each patty, throw it back and forth between hands 3 or 4 times to pack it together, then throw it dwhn onto a plate and press it the rest of the way into patty shape. Then after I’ve made all the patties I put hem in the fridge for a couple hours and hey end up very bound together.

  6. Dave MacArthur

    For those having trouble keeping the burgers together, throw into the freezer for an hour or so before cooking to firm them up. This was a Chef Ramsay suggestion on one of his UK shows where he made a similar burger.

  7. eric

    Try rolling The Burger Into A Tight Ball And Work It To Stay Tight. Press With Hands To Form Patty, Again Slap The Patty From One Hand To The Other To Form Tightness. Make Sure You Smooth The Edges And Make Them Tight, The Edge Is Where They Are The Weakest. Keep Patty Sizes At A Quarter Pound Size Max. As The Recipe States Flip Only 4-6 Times And Dont Move Them Around Or Apply Pressure. hope This Helps As My Burgers Always Stay Together. Also Try Meat From Local Farms/Butchers As It Is Alof Better Quality.

  8. Coty

    I LOVE these burgers!!! I just cooked some and added feta crumbles to one set and mushrooms to another and then made two more patties with both the feta and mushrooms and of course the regular burgers! YUM Best burgers ever!

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