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My New Knives


The Search For Real Cutting Power

As I’ve become more serious about cooking, I’ve realized that my old J.A. Henckels Eversharp knives just aren’t doing the trick. If you’re not familiar with Eversharp knives, they’re basically serrated like those infomercial knives so that they never need to be sharpened. They don’t really cut anything, but rather tear everything. Tearing through my food was fine for the most part (although defrosted meat is really tough) when I was only cooking occasionally, but now that I’m a serious foodie, I need some real cutting power.

I took my hunt for new knives very seriously and scoured the net for reviews after visiting Bed Bath & Beyond for a precursory look at my options. After reading countless reviews, I narrowed my choices down to three different knife sets. I was very interested in J.A. Henckels International Classic Series, Wustof’s Classic Series, and Calphalon’s Katana Series sets. Upon deciding on my chosen three, I ventured back to Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20% off coupon in hand.

I must credit Bed Bath & Beyond’s sales staff for their patience, as I held one hostage for over an hour! Upon my return to the store, I accosted the first rep I saw and asked to see the fine cutlery (see as in hold). J.A. Henckels International Series knives felt fine, but nothing about them really stood out, so those fell to the wayside almost immediately. Calphalon’s Katana Series felt amazing in my hand and looked so cool that I had a hard time moving on to the Wustof knives. Wustof makes an amazing knife! When the sales associate handed me the Wustof, I immediately fell in love! These knives fit my hand perfectly; unfortunately they don’t look nearly as cool as the Katana Series and they carry a slightly heftier price tag. So after holding the Wustof and Katana knives about ten more times, I finally settled on the Katana Series. I still think that the Wustof knives are better knives, I just couldn’t get over the amazingly cool look of the Katana knives!

Armed with my brand new knives, I immediately headed to the local Butcher and delightfully purchased ingredients for the first meal I would prepare with professional quality knives. When I got home, I went straight away to cooking and let me tell you, the Katana Series knives cut through everything as if it where warm butter. I could probably slice onions by dropping them on the blade.

I am thinking about getting the Wustof Classic 3.5 Paring Knife as a stand-alone addition to my set. The Wustof Pairing Knife feels much better in my hand than the standard 4″ that comes in most block sets. The smaller blade is easier to work with and the bolster is positioned just right.

If you’re stuck cooking with mediocre knives, treat yourself to a set of real knives, you won’t regret it!




  1. Sarah

    I just look at the price tag and think of everything else I can buy for that amount!!!
    For the last year, I have gotten meat from the meat department at a little towns little store. I have never found better. The manager makes my meat packages from the new shipments. For $84.99 I got 20 pd of lean ground beef in 1 pd package, 10 in 2 pd packages, 4 beef roasts (3 pds each) 3 pork roasts (3 pds each) 1 4 pound prime rib, 4 pk 1 pound cube steak, 12 pks bbq steak (1 pound each), 5 chicken breast (HUGE one can feed me and my kids) 3 pks stew meat…and some more. And the freezer wrap it so I dont have to.

  2. Steve Hartlen

    If you’re looking for good knives you might want to check out Grohman Knives in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Best knives around.

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