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Crayfish Traps for Gordon Ramsay’s Crayfish Salad


I posted a recipe a few weeks ago for Gordon Ramsay’s Crayfish Salad. Getting edible crayfish in my region is almost impossible unless you catch them yourself.

I was able to get one trap built a few days ago! It’s warming up around here and I think I’ll finally be able to go catch some crayfish in a couple of weeks! I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress with this whole recipe adventure.

I got my plans for building the trap from this adventure website. The instructions where clear and concise. I would suggest wearing gloves, as I poked a few holes in my hands getting this thing fully put together. You can see my trap in the picture below.

My Crayfish Trap

My Crayfish Trap

PS I apologize if my writing style today isn’t up to par. I’ve been under the weather lately and I’m on some over the counter medicine. :P



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  1. vic

    hi guys,we also sell the folding crayfish/lobster,crab,shrimp,traps in standard and extra long sizes,last time Gorden did his tv show on catching and cooking crayfish we sold out of traps in a week but we have plenty in stock now,thanks vic.

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