Win a Trip to Meet Gordon Ramsay
April 14th, 2009 by Foodie

Win a Trip to Meet Gordon Ramsay in Sanctuary Cove!


You can win a trip to Sanctuary Cove to meet Gordon Ramsay in person! Imagine eating at Gordon’s newest establishment as he comes to your table to greet you! I can’t guarantee he’ll actually greet you, but you will see him and feast on his fabulous cooking.

The package includes two nights in a Federation Suite at Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove, full buffet breakfast each morning, two dinner packages, and $100 credit for the Fireplace Restaurant. Airfare is also included in the give-away, although it seems like it’s only valid for certain locals. This is one amazing give-away!

I found out about this wonderful opportunity from another blog which you must visit. Go to this traveling and food blog to get the full details. You’ll be able to read a more in depth article regarding the event. There is a link at the bottom of the orange box on the left which leads to details on how to enter. Or if you don’t want to read more about the trip you can go straight to the entry form.

Good luck to you!


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  • David Driscoll writes:
    April 14th, 20094:54 amat

    When is Gordon Ramsay coming to Australia??

    I’m off to the website now to win my ticket (amd maybe book airline tickets just in case!)

  • doomer123 writes:
    May 8th, 20094:34 amat

    How do you submit for this?

  • Foodie writes:
    May 8th, 20098:19 amat

    You have to follow the instructions on the page I linked to.

  • Maria Kogchylaki writes:
    August 23rd, 20097:35 amat

    I am looking forwrd to meet The Chef!

  • CARL HAMILTON writes:
    November 4th, 200910:18 pmat


  • Glenda Rivera writes:
    April 8th, 20104:30 pmat

    I would love to get a chance one day to meet Chef Ramsey. He is my inspiration and I watch all his shows (Kitchen Nightmares,Hells Kitchen,Ramsey the F word, etc. My dream is to one day be able to meet him and taste his food because I know it is delicious. Chef Ramsey I hope to meet my best Chef (you). Thank you!

  • Robyn Baker writes:
    October 7th, 20116:18 pmat

    I would give my right pinky for a 10 minute conversation with Chef Ramsey. He has inspired me to become a chef. Thanks to his inspiration; I am graduating from Culinary School next semester. I will be lucky if I could be half as good as him. I love how he takes pride in what he does, pays attention to the details, and always exceeds expectations.

  • writes:
    January 5th, 201211:36 amat

    when will Chef Gordan Ramsey be in North Florida, i love to win a trip. HELL YEAH HAHAHA!

  • gretchen chapin writes:
    March 12th, 20128:04 amat

    I want to meet the great chef, as i think he is funny as goodlooking.

  • Roberto Paschal writes:
    May 17th, 20121:33 amat

    Great information :)

  • theresa sauder writes:
    June 20th, 20126:41 amat

    I love watching your shows, i would love to watch you in person!

  • theresa sauder writes:
    June 20th, 20126:43 amat

    I love watching all your shows, would love to see you in person:)

  • Robert writes:
    October 26th, 20126:42 pmat

    I have been watching Mr. Ramsey and ALL his shows for many years now. I even record them, so I can see each episode. I would love to meet Mr. Ramsey. I am not an aspiring chef, nor do I have any connection in his field. I do think he is an interesting and very smart man. Thank you for your consideration.

  • freddy capaniello writes:
    July 6th, 20139:24 amat

    me and wife love your all show my wife love to meet you we was together for 10 year june 10 2003 please i meet you one day can you give a call 646-640-0360 or 646-861-3252 we live in the bronx we have a 3 year old boy love freddy campaniello and caren campaniello

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