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Gordon Ramsay's Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb | Gordon Ramsay's Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay’s Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb – F Word Series One


Gordon Ramsay’s Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb from The F Word – Series 1

Gordon Ramsay made this tasty looking rack of lamb on the first episode of the first season of The F Word. Like many of Gordon’s recipes, the primary herb ingredients are rosemary, thyme and garlic. This is sure to be a scrumptious meal for fans of Chef Ramsay’s cooking.

Ingredients for the Lamb:

  • 2 large racks of Lamb cut in half with 3 bones per serving
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil

Ingredients for the Crust:

  • 4 slices of stale bread made into crumbs.
  • 7 Tbs. grated parmesan (roughly 1/2 a cup)
  • Sprig parsley
  • Sprig thyme
  • Sprig coriander
  • Sprig rosemary
  • 2 tablespoons English mustard (or sub with dijon)
  • splash of olive oil

Preparing the Lamb:

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It should actually be 392 degrees, but don’t worry about getting that technical unless you have a digital oven.

Place lamb on cutting board fat side up. Lightly score the fat layer with a sharp knife. Next, generously sprinkle the lamb with salt and pepper. Mop up the excess seasoning with the rack of lamb, ensuring it’s thoroughly coated.

Heat some olive oil in an oven safe pan. Seal the lamb by holding each side in the oil long enough to develop color (careful not to burn your hands). Gordon Ramsay says, “it’s simple mathematics, no color, equals no taste”. Quite simple indeed! Make sure you brown that lamb.

Transfer the pan with the lamb into the oven and bake for 7-8 minutes. Prepare the crust while the lamb is cooking.

Preparing the Crust:

Place  all of the ingredients for the crust except the mustard into a blender and pulse several times until it looks nice and green. Make sure you don’t over do it with the olive oil, just a splash.

Pour the mixture into a deep dish (bowl or plate) and set aside.

gordon ramsays herb crusted rack of lamb prepPutting it All Together:

Remove the lamb from the oven and brush generously with mustard. Dip the lamb into the crust mixture coating it completely. Dip several times to ensure an even coating. Allow meat to rest for a bit.

Place it back into the oven for 3-4 minutes when you’re ready to serve.

Gordon serves the lamb with potatoes boulangère and courgettes provençal, but you can serve with anything you find fitting. I’ll gladly post the recipe for the side dishes if someone wants it. Just ask for it in a comment.

Let me know how this recipe turns out for you.

EDIT: I’ve added one of the side dishes, Gordon Ramsay’s Potatoes Boulangère. I will add the other soon and update this post with it’s link.



  1. Foodie

    What temperature are you cooking your steak at? The time given should be more than enough time to cook the steak.

  2. Carolyn

    This was fabulous and easy to complete while working on side dishes! Family raved about them! Thanks!!!

  3. Dorothy

    I had a large family gatherning that included hams, beef Wellington, and your Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb. The lamb was raved about so much that I (not a fan of lamb) actually had a sliver myself – and had to agree it was quite good. Also very easy to follow and a rather quick meal too. Incredibly – I had left over beef Wellington! Now that’s proof this was an exceptional lamb recipe!

  4. Dorothy

    What a meal to impress. It is fabulous and easy if you follow to a “T” then the next time switch it up some. I didn’t even like lamb until Gordon and his leg of lamb is also as good. When my adult kids come home they love it and tell me it was the “F’n” bomb. That is the only time I let them use it… Thanks so much. All the way from Canada eh…


    I love his Books, TV Programs, and any thing
    He does. He is a great Chef. I wish i can have a little time of my life
    Spend with him in the Kitchen. God Bless Him and Hid Family.

  6. Luuk

    Looks delicious! Making it tonight with roasted potatoes. Should be good!

  7. Tiva

    Hi any ideas and recipes to accompany this lamb dish?

  8. James

    Crusted rack of lamb is awesome. I made this for my Mum tonight and she loved it. I am 14 years old and want to be a chef. Your website is great.

  9. Gayle Wyborn

    Would this work with lamb shanks too or does the fat on the rack play an essetial part in holding the crust on?

  10. Byron

    Gordon, old bean, you are a legend whom I find unfailingly entertaining. You are more than an entertainer, however: you are a superlative practitioner of the culinary arts and – yes – the sciences. I might be only a Welshman, but I’ll go to my grave trying to cook like a Scot! Any recipes for cloutie dumpling and black bun? Continue to thrive, you naughty devil.

  11. Newman

    Can you send me the boulangere potatoe recipe and the courgette one as well – thank you.

  12. shrf230

    You, Gordon have inspired me for years and I have to agree that I was never disappointed.

    Thnak You.

  13. Rosalie

    Be Praised for your generosity with good recipes. Hubby tried your Sticky Pork Ribs recipe(SMH Oct 21)with pork cutlets, sans chile, absolutely stunned..Won over..and so easy to make. Served with steamed golden button squash and asparagus. Next is Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with Potatoes boulangere.. another winner. In Aus.

  14. MeraLee

    I love Gordon Ramsay’s recipes. I tried this one; it came out amazing! Can’t wait to try the beef wellington recipe. I, also love his shows. Especially Hells Kitchen. Keep those episodes coming! Thank you!

  15. dan mclean

    In the beginning you said it includes garlic along with parsley and rosemary but nowhere in the ingredient list do you mention garlic.


  16. Emelyn

    How long can I leave the lamb to stand after crusting, I would like to prepare earlier and do final roasting 2-3 hrs later.

  17. sean aldridge

    Just wanted to say, that was awesome, including the potatoes, thought I was a chef
    the timing with the lamb was pefect, addded goats cheese and sundried tomatoes to lamb scores


  18. Lena

    I timed everything, but when I cut into it, it was raw! had to put it back in the oven, but now I might overcook it. Anyone else have that problem?

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